Ciao a Tutti!

Welcome to my website I wish you enjoy those image taken with love. 

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Who I am

I am a wedding photographer and my passion is to capture the beauty in every little thing around me. I truly love spending time with people and I feel privilege to be chosen for your best and biggest event of your lifetime.My friendly approach to people allowed me to be part of your day feeling part of the entire event. Talking and laughing with the couple and the guests allow me to establish a good and relax connection.

Why do I choose to be wedding photography?

The beauty of the details the gorgeous dresses and the setting make this day so magical to photograph. There are also lots of emotions to capture because so many things happen in just one day. I am a discrete observer I try to be more invisible as I can, moving around with calm and smile to capture the story of your day.


What I will deliver to you

I will deliver to you lovely and emotional images,  after years this will be the only physical element you will have to remember that day. I will give you a selection of prints that you could look at and remember.


My Packages

  1. Full day coverage of your wedding day with one photographer, me!
  2. Full day coverage with two photographers
  3. Full day with a second photographer a lovely hand made album for the couple and two smaller parents album